Kent Sinclair

Friend’s Virginia Pleading and Practice

CO-AUTHORS Charles E. Friend


This authoritative, comprehensive, two-volume set provides in-depth coverage on a wide array of issues and topics relating to pleadings and practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Designed to provide fast, accurate answers to issues encountered in everyday civil practice, this publication encompasses everything from courts, jurisdiction and venue, to motions for judgment and defensive pleadings, to enforcement of judgments

Written by Charles E. Friend of Williamsburg and annually updated and supplemented by Professor Kent Sinclair of the University of Virginia School of Law, leading Virginia civil practice and evidence scholars, Friend's Virginia Pleading and Practice, Second Edition aids the practitioner and judge alike in understanding the law and its application to pleadings and practice.


Charles E. Friend & Kent Sinclair, Friend’s Virginia Pleading and Practice, LexisNexis (3 ed. 2017).

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