In the Hindu tradition of guru-śisya, a śisya (student) must offer something to his guru (teacher). Professor Akhil Reed Amar has been a guru to me, both an esteemed teacher and a wise counselor. Since there can be no better tribute to a professor than to use the knowledge, tools, and skills he imparted as a basis for analyzing his work, in this Article I offer a short and vigorous critique of Professor Amar’s latest work, America’s Unwritten Constitution. I make four brief points. First, America’s Unwritten Constitution reflects the mellowing of Professor Amar. Second, the book’s arguments are in tension with his previous work. Third, I question the driving force behind Professor Amar’s arguments and ask whether modern Supreme Court doctrine is in the driver seat. Finally, I examine how it was possible for the Warren Court to get so much so right with such misguided reasoning.

Saikrishna Prakash, Guru Dakshina, 2013 University of Illinois Law Review, 1787–1796 (2013).
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