External Scholarships

External Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsors: If your organization would like to submit a scholarship for posting on our External Scholarships page, keep in mind that we only post scholarships that are available to our law students and which are related to law and offered by relevant organizations. If your scholarship is exclusively available to law students, please email financialaid@law.virginia.edu with a link to your website’s scholarship page, which should include information such as the scholarship deadline, award amount, and eligibility requirements.

The following external scholarships are listed by deadline. More information is provided at the links. Contact the sponsor if you need additional details.


10/01/20  California Consumer Attorneys, P.C. Scholarship ($1,000, essay required, interest in consumer advocacy)
10/15/20  ABA Media Law Diversity Moot Competition Court  (Finalists will be offered the opportunity of summer employment opportunities with a top law firm, media company, or First Amendment nonprofit; submit short essay explaining interest in issues of media and communications law)
10/26/20  Cherepinsky Law Firm ($1,000, essay required)
10/31/20  APA -PLD Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition ($2,000, $400, $100 respectively, interest in city planning) (more information)
10/31/20  General Counsel, P.C. First Generation Law Student Scholarship  ($1,500, open to 2Ls who are first in family to attend law school, essay required)
10/31/20  The National Law Review 2020 Law Student Writing Competition (opportunity to submit articles for publication consideration on the NLR Web site, submissions are rolling, with the deadline at the end of each month)


11/06/20  Albert S. Pergam International Law Writing Competition Award  ($2,000, open to J.D. LL.M and S.J.D. candidates)
11/15/20  Scott Senft Scholarship Fund ($1,500, essay required)
11/20/20  Baron and Budd, P.C., Mesothelioma Cancer Victims Memorial Scholarships ($2,500, essay or YouTube video required, focus on how cancer has affected life)
11/30/20  Emery Reddy Legal Studies Scholarship ($2,500, essay required)


12/01/20  American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers (ACCFSL)  Writing Competition, ($5000, $3500, $1500 respectively, interest in consumer financial services law) (Deans Letter) (Announcement)
12/01/20  Carr & Weatherby LLP Law Scholarship  ($1,000, first generation law student, essay required)
12/01/20  Dagney Johnson Law Group ($2,500, 300-400 word essay required)
12/01/20  NY Corporate Law Scholarship ($1,000, 2Ls and 3Ls, interest in business law or entrepreneurship)
12/01/20  Ottinger Employment Law Office Scholarship ($1,500, letter of recommendation required)
12/04/20  Mark T. Banner Scholarship  ($10,000 for tuition, interest in intellectual property, essay required)
12/11/20  Attorney.org Legal Scholarship ($1,000, essay required)
12/15/20  The Branch Out Scholarship ($1,500, essay required)
12/15/20  BerlikLaw Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship ($1,500, preference is given to individuals who (a) are from Virginia, (b) received their undergraduate degrees from a Virginia college or university, and/or (c) attend law school in Virginia)
12/15/20  Fob James Law Firm ($1,000, essay required)
12/15/20  Talkov Law, Future of the Law Scholarship ($1,000, essay required)
12/15/20  Goodwin Scholarship ($1,000, essay required)
12/29/20  The Peck Group Elder Abuse and Neglect Scholarship ($700, article required)
12/31/20  The Johns Law Firm Essay Contest ($1,500, essay required)
12/31/20  WiseGeek Diversity in Law Scholarship  ($500, open to all minority law students)
12/31/20  Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholar Program  (3-year, $10,000 per year tuition scholarship, only for incoming minority, STEM degree 1Ls, interest in patent law, essay required)


1/15/21  O'Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, Champion the Cause Scholarship (Scholarship for spring semester 2021; essay required)
1/15/21  Glotzer & Leib’s Personal Injury Scholarship Fund ($1,000, essay required)
1/31/21  DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship ($1,500, 400-500 word essay)


2/15/21  Melmed Law Group ($5,000, interest in employment and labor law, essay required)


3/03/21 Alaska Bar Association Scholarship  (IL & 2L demonstrate ties to Alaska, and an intent to return to Alaska within two years of graduation)


4/31/21 Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Scholarship  ($1,000, resume and one recommendation letter)


5/01/21  NY Corporate Law Scholarship ($1,000, 2Ls and 3Ls, interest in business law or entrepreneurship)
5/15/21  Cohn Legal, The Trademark Attorney of Tomorrow ($1,000, essay required)
5/31/21  Smith & Eulo Legal Scholarship ($2,500, 400 to 600 words essay required)


6/01/21  Scrofano Law ($1,500, 1Ls and 2Ls employed in summer position at a public defender’s office, essay required)
6/30/21  Curley Law Firm Scholarship ($1,000, interest in business law, essay required)


7/01/21  Patrick Malone Associates Law School Scholarship ($5,000, must be 1L or 2L in 2020-2021 academic year, focus representing those in financial need)
7/31/21  O'Connor, Runckel & O'Malley Law Scholarship ($1,000, GPA of 3.0 or higher)
7/31/21 Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm Law Scholarship  ($1,500, interest personal injury,  essay required)


10/1/21  Nava Law Group, P.C. ($1,000, essay required)