External Scholarships

External Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsors: If your organization would like to submit a scholarship for posting on our External Scholarships page, keep in mind that we only post scholarships that are available to our law students and which are related to law and offered by relevant organizations. If your scholarship is exclusively available to law students, please email financialaid@law.virginia.edu with a link to your website’s scholarship page, which should include information such as the scholarship deadline, award amount, and eligibility requirements.

The following external scholarships are listed by deadline. More information is provided at the links. Contact the sponsor if you need additional details.


12/31/18 DDR Lawyers Legal Scholarship ($1,500)
12/31/18 The Expert Institute's Legal Writing Scholarship ($2,000)
12/31/18 The Georgelis Injury Law Firm Scholarship Award ($1,500)


1/15/19 Lemberg Law Entrepreneurial Spirit Law School Scholarship ($1,250)
1/23/19 Louis Jackson National Student Memorial Writing Competition (one $3,000 award, two $1,000 awards)
1/31/19 Christensen Law Firm Scholarship ($1,000)
1/31/19 2019 Sarah Weddington Writing Prize for New Student Scholarship in Reproductive Rights ($750, $500 $250)


3/01/19 2019 Han C. Choi Scholarship (1Ls, 2Ls, $5,000)


4/30/19 Christopher Simon Attorney At Law Scholarship ($1,000)


5/01/19 Charles E. Joseph Employment Law Scholarship ($1,000)
5/31/19 YYC Employment Law Group Scholarship ($1,500 CAD, for 3Ls)


6/01/19 Moses and Rooth Legal Scholarship ($1,000)
6/01/19 Scrofano Law PC Aspiring Public Defender Scholarship ($1,500, for 1Ls and 2Ls)
6/01/19 The Nuckols Family UVA Law Scholarship in Honor of Gary M. Nuckols (UVA Law student, Virginia resident, $2,000)
6/15/19 The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers Law Student Writing Competition ($3,000, $1,000, $500) 


7/01/19 Excellence in Ethics Scholarship (First place $1000, Second place $500)
7/08/19 The 2019 Tannenwald Writing Competition ($5,000, $2,500, $1,500)
7/31/19 Gerben Law Firm Trademark Attorneys Scholarship ($2,500)
7/31/19 Leukemia & Lymphoma Law School Scholarship ($1,000)


8/01/19 Sutliff & Stout Law School Scholarship Contest ($2,000)
8/15/19 Seppi Esfandi Law Scholarship ($1,000)