External Scholarships

External Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsors: If your organization would like to submit a scholarship for posting on our External Scholarships page, keep in mind that we only post scholarships that are available to our law students and which are related to law and offered by relevant organizations. If your scholarship is exclusively available to law students, please email financialaid@law.virginia.edu with a link to your website’s scholarship page, which should include information such as the scholarship deadline, award amount, and eligibility requirements.

The following external scholarships are listed by deadline. More information is provided at the links. Contact the sponsor if you need additional details.

From our friends at AccessLex, please also check their Scholarship Databank


6/01/22  Nuckols Family Scholarship ($5,000; exclusively for UVA Law students who either graduated from a high school located in Planning District 16 in Virginia or are a current resident of Virginia. Requires a personal statement.)

6/01/22  Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers ($500; 3–4 page essay on “how your home state’s current laws impact employees’ legal rights regarding workplace injuries.”)

6/01/22  Michigan Auto Law Diversity Scholarship ($2,000; 3 page essay “describing your efforts to encourage greater racial or ethnic diversity within the student body of your law school and/or undergraduate program.”)

6/01/22  Employee Benefits Writing Competition ($1,800; paper not exceeding 40 pages on a topic with the field of employee benefits.)

6/15/22  College of Labor and Employment Lawyers Writing Competition ($3,000; 20–30 page paper on a topic in labor and employment law. Second and third prize awards are also available.)

6/30/22  Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition ($5,000; 20–30 page paper on a topic in trusts and estates. The winner will also receive a full tuition scholarship to the Heckerling Graduate Program in Estate Planning at the University of Miami School of Law.)


7/01/22  Warren E. Burger Prize ($5,000; 10–20 page paper on a topic “addressing issues of professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence.”)

7/01/22  Keith M. Fletcher Excellence in Ethics Scholarship ($1,000; 1,000 word essay on "the importance of pro-bono legal work.")

7/15/22  O’Connor, Runckel & O’Malley Law Scholarship ($1,000; 1–3 page essay “describing your educational plan and how you would like to contribute to the community once you become an attorney.”)

7/16/22  StangerLaw Law School Scholarship ($1,000; short video essay answering the question, “Who is your favorite fictional TV lawyer and why?”)

7/29/22  Sutliff & Stout Law School Scholarship Contest ($1,500; essay on “why you want to study law.”)

7/29/22  Sutliff & Stout Diversity in Law Scholarship Contest ($1,500; essay on “how your law degree will help your community.”)

7/31/22  Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. Scholarship ($500; 1,500 word essay answering the question “When determining damages in birth injury cases, should Courts allow a projection of the injured baby’s future lost income over the course of an entire lifetime?”)

7/31/22  Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers, P.C. Scholarship ($500; 1,500 word essay answering the question “Should truck drivers be considered independent contractors?”)


8/01/22  Zimmerman Law Firm Law School Scholarship ($1,000; 300–500 word essay describing “why you chose to pursue law and what you plan to do with your law degree once you graduate.”)

8/01/22  Gounaris Abboud Law Firm Scholarship ($1,500; open to 2Ls/3Ls, essay on “Understanding the justice system, why it is important for democracy, and how we can teach others the importance of our judicial system.” Applicants must have been accepted to or enrolled in law school as of the fall 2021 semester.)

8/01/22  Moses and Rooth Legal Scholarship ($1,000; essay on “what you intend to do with your law degree and how society will benefit.”)

8/15/22  Lem Garcia Law Scholarship ($1,000; 800 word essay on “why you are pursuing a legal career and how you plan to use your degree to fight for justice.”)


9/16/22  James E. Beckley Student Writing Competition ($1,000; 15–30 page paper on a topic related to securities law or arbitration. Second and third prize awards are also available.)


10/01/22  Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Law School Diversity Scholarship ($2,000; 1 page essay “describing how you have utilized your time promoting ethnic diversity within your community. Alternatively, you may write about how you will use your law degree to promote ethnic diversity in the future.”)


12/15/22  Talkovlaw Scholarship ($1,000; 500–750 word essay or presentation on “your ideas for the future of the law.”)

12/31/22  Ottinger Employment Lawyers Law School Scholarship ($1,500; letter of recommendation required.)

12/31/22  Roberts & Harris Legal Scholarship ($1,000; 1–3 page essay “describing the area of law the applicant intends to pursue/is pursuing and why.”)

12/31/22  Ramsay Law Firm Scholarship ($1,000; 1–3 page essay “describing the area of law the applicant intends to pursue/is pursuing and why.”)