Clinic Updates

Clinic Updates

Posted 11/19/21

Spring Clinics: Seats Still Available

Community Solutions Clinic, Criminal Defense ClinicEnvironmental Law and Community Engagement Clinic, and the Project for Informed Reform Clinic still have seats available. Community Solutions and Criminal Defense are available for open enrollment during add/drop. For Environmental Law and Project for Informed Reform, contact the instructors to inquire about additional seats.

Orientation to Cville

The Orientation to Cville series, designed for clinic students who are working in the community, has concluded, but you can still access these resources.

  • Part 1, the Jefferson School Tour, is available (for tours through early November) by signing up at this link.
  • Part 2, UVA's Relationship with Cville (panel discussion featuring Louis Nelson, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach, Ben Allen, Executive Director of the Equity Center, and Kevin McDonald, Vice-President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Partnerships) is available to students at this link (requires sign-in). You can review these resources as part of that presentation.
  • Part 3, Community Activism (panel discussion featuring Luis Oyola (Legal Aid Justice Center), Ibby Han (Virginia Student Power Network), and Harold Folley (Legal Aid Justice Center, formerly Virginia Organizing), is available at this link (requires sign-in).