Health Law

Health Law

Health Law


The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2018-19 is coded (19), 2019-20 is coded (20) and 2020-21 is coded (21).

Courses and Seminars

Aging and the Law Lecture (21)
Bioethics and Law Internship Seminar: Health Policy and Administration (19,20,21)
Bioethics and the Law Seminar (19,20,21)
Biotechnology and the Law (19)
Current Issues in Law and Psychological Science (20)
Current Topics in Law, Medicine and Society (SC) (19,20,21)
Drug Product Liability Litigation Seminar (19,20,21)
Drug Product Liability Litigation: Principles and Practice (19,20,21)
Exercises in Rulemaking – Society, Technology and the Law (SC) (19,20)
Food and Drug Law (20)
Food Law (19,20)
Genetics and the Law (SC) (19,20,21)
Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation and Reform (SC) (20)
Health Law Survey (19,21)
Law and Ethics of Biotechnology (21)
Law of Adolescence (YR) (19)
Medical Malpractice and Health Care Quality (SC) (19,20)
Medicare Coverage, Payment and Compliance (SC) (19)
Medicare Practice Seminar (21)
Mental Health Law (21)
Public Health Law and Ethics (20)
Reproductive Ethics and Law (SC) (19,20,21)
Seminar on Mental Health Law Reform (YR) (19)
Topics in Health Care Reform (20,21)


Civil Rights Clinic (YR) (19,20,21)
Health and Disability Law Clinic (YR) (19,20,21)

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