Faculty Workshops

Spring 2024

Faculty Lounge, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 26
Greer Donley (University of Pittsburgh)

Friday, Feb. 2
Cynthia Nicoletti

Friday, Feb. 9
Logan Sawyer ’00 (University of Georgia)

Friday, Feb. 16
James Greiner (Harvard University)

Friday, Feb. 23
Craig Konnoth

Friday, March 15
Lisa Washington (University of Wisconsin)

Friday, March 22
Kevin Cope and Mila Versteeg

Friday, March 29
Rick Pildes (New York University)

Friday, April 5
Richard Schragger and Micah Schwartzman ’05

Friday, April 12
Adam Chilton (University of Chicago)

Friday, April 19
Mitu Gulati

Friday, April 26
Daphna Renan (Harvard University)

Fall 2023

Faculty Lounge, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 25
Saikrishna Prakash

Friday, Sept. 1
Aneil Kovvali (Indiana University)

Friday, Sept. 8
Emily Stolzenberg (Villanova University)

Friday, Sept. 15
Ryan Calo (University of Washington)

Friday, Sept. 22
Colleen Honigsberg (Stanford University)

Friday, Sept. 29
Alison Gocke

Friday, Oct. 27
Emily Bremer (University of Notre Dame)

Friday, Nov. 10
Mitchell Berman (University of Pennsylvania)

Friday, Nov. 17
Thomas H. Lee (Fordham University)

Friday, Dec. 1
Hajin Kim (University of Chicago)

Friday, Dec. 8
Matthew L.M. Fletcher (University of Michigan)

Summer 2023

Purcell Reading Room, Noon-1 p.m.

Tuesday, June 6
Charles Barzun ’05

Tuesday, June 13
Deborah Hellman

Tuesday, June 20
Cynthia Nicoletti

Tuesday, June 27
John Duffy and Rich Hynes

Tuesday, July 11
Lawrence B. Solum

Tuesday, July 18
Ashley Deeks and Kristen Eichensehr

Tuesday, July 25
Randi Flaherty and Risa Goluboff

Tuesday, Aug. 1
Rachel Bayefsky

Tuesday, Aug. 8
Joy Milligan and Bertrall Ross

Spring 2023

Faculty Lounge, 11:30-12:40 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 3
Megan Stevenson

Friday, Feb. 10
Matthew Jennejohn (Brigham Young University)

Friday, Feb. 17
Daniel Shaviro (New York University School of Law)

Friday, March 17
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School)

Friday, March 24
Aziza Ahmed (Boston University School of Law)

Friday, March 31
Shelley Welton (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School)

Friday, April 7
Ruth Mason

Friday, April 14
Samuel Bray (Notre Dame Law School)

Friday, April 21
Richard Schragger and Micah Schwartzman

Friday, April 28
Karen Tani (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School)

Fall 2022

Faculty Lounge, 11:30-12:50 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 26
Benjamin Levin (University of Colorado Law School)

Friday, Sept. 2
Stephen Choi (NYU School of Law), Mitu Gulati, Robert Scott (Columbia Law School)

Friday, Sept. 9
Jonathan Choi (University of Minnesota Law School)

Friday, Sept. 16
Payvand Ahdout

Friday, Sept. 23
Kellen Funk (Columbia Law School)

Friday, Sept. 30
Joshua Macey (University of Chicago Law School)

Friday, Oct. 21
Tara Grove (University of Texas Law School)

Friday, Oct. 28
Pierre-Hugues Verdier

Friday, Nov. 4
Roseanna Sommers (University of Michigan Law School)

Friday, Nov. 11
John D. Morley (Yale Law School)

Friday, Nov. 18
Maggie Gardner (Cornell Law School)

Friday, Dec. 2
Madison Condon (Boston University School of Law)

Summer 2022

Faculty Lounge, noon-1 p.m.

Tuesday, June 14
Josh Bowers

Tuesday, June 28
Micah Schwartzman ’05

Tuesday, July 5
Saikrishna Prakash

Tuesday, July 12
Rachel Harmon

Tuesday, July 19
Sarah Shalf ’01

Tuesday, July 26
Paul Mahoney

Tuesday, Aug. 2
Cale Jaffe ’01

Spring 2022

Faculty Lounge, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 4
John Harrison Online via Zoom

Friday, Feb. 11
Michael Gilbert and Andrew Hayashi

Friday, Feb. 18
Thomas Nachbar

Friday, Feb. 25
Daniel Hemel (University of Chicago Law School)

Friday, March 4
Alice Ristroph (Brooklyn Law School)

Friday, March 18
Jud Campbell (University of Richmond School of Law)

Friday, March 25
Devon Carbado (UCLA School of Law)

Friday, April 1
Julia Rudolph (North Carolina State University)

Friday, April 8
Amanda Levendowski (Georgetown Law)

Friday, April 15
Ruth Mason and Michael Knoll (University of Pennsylvania)

Friday, April 22
Marin Levy (Duke University School of Law)

Friday, April 29
Stephen Sachs (Harvard Law School)

Fall 2021

Faculty Lounge, 11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 27
Kaiponanea Matsumura 

Friday, Sept. 10
Ruth Mason (Chair Lecture, Caplin Pavilion)

Friday, Sept. 17
Lawrence Sager

Friday, Sept. 24
Mitu Gulati (Location: WB102)

Friday, Oct. 1
Jeanne Fromer 

Friday, Oct. 22
Charles Barzun

Friday, Oct. 29, 
*Noon-1:10 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 5
Lawrence Solum (Chair Lecture, Caplin Pavilion)

Friday, Nov. 12
Fred O. Smith

Friday, Nov. 19
Rip Verkerke, Molly Shadel, Sophie Trawalter

Summer 2021

Online via Zoom, noon-1 p.m.

Tuesday, June 8
Richard Schragger

Tuesday, June 15
Debbie Hellman

Tuesday, June 22
Rich Hynes and John Duffy

Tuesday, June 29
John Harrison 

Tuesday, July 6
Saikrishna Prakash

Tuesday, July 13
Richard Bonnie 

Tuesday, July 20
Megan Stevenson

Tuesday, July 27
Mila Versteeg

Spring 2021

Online via Zoom, 12:30-1:50 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 29
David Luban

Friday, Feb. 5
Gillian Metzger

Friday, Feb. 12
Lawrence Solum

Friday, Feb. 19
Sandy Mayson

Friday, Feb. 26
Amanda Frost

Friday, March 12
Tom Nachbar

Friday, March 19
Tabatha Abu El-Haj

Friday, March 26
Stephen Gardbaum

Friday, April 2
Rebecca Stone

Friday, April 16
Maria Ponomarenko

Friday, April 23
Julian Mortenson

Friday, April 30
Afra Afsharipour

Fall 2020

Online via Zoom, 12:30-1:50 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 4
David Dyzenhaus 

Friday, Sept. 11
Guy-Uriel Charles

Friday, Sept. 18
Kim Forde-Mazrui

Friday, Sept. 25
Jay Butler

Friday, Oct. 2
Anita Krishnakumar 

Friday, Oct. 9
Michael Graetz

Friday, Oct. 16
Julian Nyarko

Friday, Oct. 23
Andrew Gilden

Friday, Oct. 30
Ralph Richard Banks

Friday, Nov. 6
Sara Mayeux 

Friday, Nov. 13
Josh Bowers

Friday, Nov. 20
Monica Hakimi 

Summer 2020

Online via Zoom, noon

Tuesday, June 2
Michael Livermore

Tuesday, June 9
Richard Hynes and John Duffy

Tuesday, June 16
Paul Stephan

Tuesday, June 23
Tom Nachbar

Tuesday, June 30
Mila Versteeg

Tuesday, July 7
Kenneth S. Abraham and G. Edward White

Tuesday, July 14
Alex Johnson

Tuesday, July 21
Anne Coughlin

Tuesday, July 28
Ruth Mason & Erin Delaney (Northwestern)

Tuesday, August 4
Gregg Strauss

Spring 2020

Faculty Lounge, 11:30

Friday, Jan. 31
Adam Hofri 

Friday, Feb. 7
Anne Joseph O’Connell 

Friday, Feb. 14
Sam Erman

Friday, Feb. 21
Tamar Kricheli-Katz

Friday, March 20
James Loeffler

Friday, March 27
Sandy Mayson

Friday, April 3
Richard Banks

Friday, April 10
Stephen Holmes

Friday, April 17
Danielle Citron

Fall 2019

Faculty Lounge, 11:30 

Friday, Sept. 6
Orly Lobel

Friday, Sept. 13
Pierre-Hugues Verdier

Friday, Sept. 20
John Rappaport

Friday, Sept. 27
Lawrence Solum

Friday, Oct. 4
Tom Nachbar

Friday, Oct. 18
Kate Shaw

Friday, Oct. 25
Jocelyn Simonson

Friday, Nov. 1
Timothy Lovelace

Summer 2019

Faculty Lounge, Noon

Tuesday, June 4
Cynthia Nicoletti

Tuesday, June 11
George Rutherglen

Tuesday, June 18
John C. Harrison

Tuesday, June 25
Gregg Strauss

Tuesday, July 2
Kim Forde-Mazrui

Tuesday, July 9
Kim Ferzan

Tuesday, July 16
Josh Fischman & Michael Livermore

Tuesday, July 23
Paul B. Stephan

Tuesday, July 30
Rich Schragger

Tuesday, August 6
Kevin Cope

Spring 2019

Faculty Lounge, 11:30

Friday, Feb. 1
Gregg Strauss (UVA)

Friday, Feb. 8
Keith Whittington (Princeton)

Friday, Feb. 15
Wendy Wagner (Texas)

Friday, Feb. 22
Kish Parella (Washington and Lee)

Friday, March 22
Nora Engstrom (Stanford)

Friday, March 29
Aditya Bamzai (UVA)

Friday, April 5
Kenneth Abraham and G. Edward White (UVA)

Friday, April 12
Chris Serkin (Vanderbilt)

Friday, April 19
Molly Brady (UVA)

Fall 2018

Faculty Lounge, 11:30

Friday, Sept. 7
Joanna Schwartz (UCLA)

Friday, Sept. 14
Tomer Broude (Hebrew)

Friday, Sept. 21
Quinn Curtis (UVA)

Friday, Sept. 28
Jody Kraus (Columbia)

Friday, Oct. 12
Anne Fleming (Georgetown)

Friday, Oct. 26
Kimberly J. Robinson (Richmond)

Friday, Nov. 16
Michele Goodwin (UC-Irvine)

Summer 2018    

Faculty Lounge,  Noon

Tuesday, May 29
Ken Abraham

Tuesday, June 5
Michael Gilbert/Mauricio Guim

Purcell Reading Room, Noon

Tuesday, June 19
Barbara Armacost

Tuesday, June 26
Dick Howard

Tuesday, July 10
Josh Bowers

Tuesday, July 17
John Harrison

Tuesday, July 24
Micah Schwartzman/ Rich Schragger

Tuesday, July 31
Mila Versteeg

Tuesday, August 7
Albert Choi

Tuesday, August 14
Ruth Mason

Spring 2018        

Friday, Feb. 2          
Ben Zipursky (Fordham)

Friday, Feb. 9  

Friday, Feb. 16        
Ekow Yankah (Cardozo)

Friday, Feb. 23        
Leah Litman (UC-Irvine)

Friday, March 16             
Kim Ferzan (UVA)

Friday, March 23             
Dick Howard (Chair Lecture)

Friday, March 30            
Allison Larsen (William & Mary)

Friday, April 6                  
Michal Barzuza (UVA)

Friday, April 13
Rich Schragger (UVA)                

Friday, April 20               
Joseph Fishman (Vanderbilt)

Friday, April 27
Dayna Matthew (Chair Lecture)

Fall 2017

Friday, Sept. 8      
Pierre Verdier (UVA)

Friday, Sept. 15     
George Yin (UVA)

Friday, Sept. 22     
Jonathan Mitchell (Stanford)

Friday, Sept. 29     
Mila Versteeg (UVA)

Friday, Oct. 13                         
Brad Wendel (Cornell)

Friday, Oct. 20                         
Lee Fennell (Chicago)

Friday, Oct. 27                         
Bob Scott (Columbia)

Friday, Nov. 3                       
John Armour (Oxford)

Friday, Nov. 10     
Brandon Garrett (Chair Lecture)

Friday, Nov. 17     

Friday, Dec. 1        

Summer 2017

Faculty Lounge, Tuesdays at Noon

June 6
John Monahan
"Risk Assessment in Sentencing"

June 13
Ethan Yale
"Mutual Fund Tax Overhang"

June 20
Albert Choi

June 27
John Harrison

July 4
No workshop 

July 11
Brandon Garrett and Greg Mitchell
"The Proficiency of Experts"

July 18
George Cohen 
"The Uncertainty of Sun Printing"

July 25
Debbie Hellman
"The Epistemic Commitments of Antidiscrimination Law"

August 1
Michael Livermore

August 8
Julia Mahone

August 15
Quinn Curtis

Spring 2017

January 27
Alex Voorhoeve, London School of Economics
"May a Government Mandate More Extensive Health Insurance than Citizens Want for Themselves?"

February 3
Paul Stephan, Virginia
"Competing Sovereignty and Laws' Domains"

February 10
Urska Velikonja, Emory
"Winning and Losing Against the SEC"

February 17
Tara Leigh Grove, William and Mary
"The Origins (and Fragility) of Judicial Independence"

February 24
Charles Barzun, Virginia
"Mr. Justice Souter and Holistic Legal Thinking"

March 3

March 10

March 17
Jack Chin, UC Davis
"The War Against Chinese Restaurants"

March 24
Andrew Gold, DePaul
“Equity and the Right to Do Wrong”

March 31
Gillian Metzger, Columbia

April 7
Emily Zackin, Johns Hopkins

April 14
Tom Merrill, Columbia

April 21
Rich Hynes, Virginia
Chair Lecture

April 28
Camille Gear Rich, USC

Fall 2016

Faculty Lounge, 3:30 p.m.

September 2
Alexandra Lahav, University of Connecticut
“The Disintegration of Procedure”

September 9
Saul Levmore, Chicago
"New Dimensions in Criminal Deterrence"

September 16
Jack Rakove, Stanford
“The Muddle of Free Exercise: What Can Historians Contribute to the Story?”

September 23
Tom Nachbar, Virginia
“Taking Formalism Seriously”

October 7

Octoebr 14
Dotan Oliar, Virginia
“Intellectual Possession”

October 21
Bernadette Atuahene, University of Chicago Kent

October 28
Douglas NeJaine, UCLA
“The Nature of Parenthood”

November 4
Mitch Berman, University of Pennsylvania
“Our Principled Constitution”

Novemebr 11
Albert Choi, Virginia

November 18
Emily Ryo, University of Southern California

December 2
Mildred Robinson, Virginia
“Fines: The Folly of Policing as a Thin Green Line”

Summer 2016

Faculty Lounge, Noon

June 7
Michael Gilbert, Virginia

June 14
Ken Abraham, Virginia
"Tork Luck, Insurance, and a Counter-History of Tort"

June 21
George Rutherglen, Virginia
"The Constitutional Rights of Aliens: At the Borders and Beyond"

June 28
Brandon Garrett, Virginia,  & Seth Stoughton, South Carolina
"A Tactical Fourth Amendment"

July 12
Gordon Hylton, Virginia
"Jeffersonian Legal Education, 1814-1840"

July 19
Andrew Hayashi, Virginia
"The Effects of Refund Anticipation Loans on Tax Filing and EITC Takeup"

July 26
Ethan Yale, Virginia
"Residential Solar and Federal Income Tax"

August 2
Mila Versteeg, Virginia
"Constitutions Unentrenched: Toward an alternative Theory of Constitutional Design"

August 9
Michael Livermore, Virginia
"Hacking the Law"

Spring 2016

Faculty Lounge, 3:30 p.m.

January 29
Ken Abraham & Ted White

February 5
Josh Fischman, Northwestern

February 12
Ann Carlson, UCLA & William Boyd - Colorado

February 19
John Goldberg, Harvard

February 26
Minor Myers, Brooklyn

March 4
William Hubbard, Chicago

March 11
No Workshop - Spring Break

March 18
Melissa Murray, Berkeley

March 25
Hillary Greene - University of Connecticut

April 1
Joshua Blank - New York University

April 8
Jody Kraus - Columbia

April 15
Cynthia Nicoletti

April 22
Thomas Lee - Fordham University

April 29
Josh Bowers

Fall 2015

Faculty Lounge, 3:30 p.m.

August 28
Kim Ferzan

September 4
Jamal Greene, Columbia

September 11
David Enoch, Hebrew University

September 18
Nicholas Bagley, Michigan

September 25
Nathan Richardson, South Carolina

October 2
Ross Davies, George Mason

October 9
Doug Husak, Rutgers 

October 23
Christopher Lund, Wayne State

October 30
Ruth Okediji, Minnesota 

November 6
Allegra McLeod, Georgetown

November 13
Mila Sohoni, San Diego

Spring 2015

Faculty Lounge, 3:30 p.m.

January 23
Rich Hynes

January 30
Will Baude, University of Chicago

February 6
James Q. Whitman, Yale University

February 13
Tom Nachbar, University of Virginia

February 20
Clayton Gillette, New York University

February 27
Anup Malani, University of Chicago

March 6
Rebecca Kysar, Brooklyn Law School

March 13
No workshop, Spring Break

March 20
Lauren Willis, Loyola Los Angeles

March 27
Rachel Arnow-Richman, University of Denver

April 3
No workshop, Passover and Good Friday

April 10
Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown University

April 17
Ed Kitch and Julia Mahoney

April 24
Michelle Madden Dempsey, Villanova University

Fall 2014

Faculty Lounge, 3:30 p.m.

August 29
Ken Abraham and Ted White

September 5
Larry Alexander, University of San Diego

September 12
Pierre-Hughes Verdier and Mila Versteeg

September 19
Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown University

September 26
Anup Malani, University of Chicago

October 3
Clare Huntington, Fordham University

October 10
Fall Break

October 17
Brandon Garrett

October 24
Eric Talley, Berkeley

October 31
Quinn Curtis

November 7
Michael Gilbert

November 14
Ganesh Sitaraman, Vanderbilt University

November 21
Daniel Schwarcz, University of Minnesota

November 21
Thanksgiving Break

Summer 2014

Faculty Lounge, 12 p.m.

June 5
Josh Bowers

June 12
Kerry Abrams and Brandon Garrett

June 19
Sai Prakash

July 26
John Duffy and Richard Hynes

July 2
George Rutherglen

July 10
John Harrison

July 17
Darryl Brown

July 24
Michael Livermore