Human Rights Program

Human Rights Program

Human Rights Program

The Law School curriculum has included a number of courses focused on human rights in recent years. The following is a list of courses offered during the previous, current and next academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2015-16 is coded (16), 2016-17 is coded (17) and 2017-18 is coded (18).

Courses and Seminars

Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (16,17,18)
Civil Liberties Seminar (16,17,18)
Civil Liberties Survey (17,18)
Civil Rights Litigation (16,17,18)
Constitutional Law II: Poverty (16)
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press (16,17,18)
Human Rights Study Project (YR) (16,17,18)
Immigration Law (16,18)
Implicit Bias and the Law (SC) (18)
International Human Rights Law (17,18)
International Human Rights Litigation (SC) (16)
Law of Armed Conflict (from Law of War beginning 8.1.14) (16,17,18)
Laws of War: Contemporary Debate (16)
LGBTQ Rights Before and After Obergefell (17)
Movement Lawyering for Global Justice: Human Rights and the Environment (SC) (16)
Native American Law (16)
Racial Justice and Law (16,17,18)
Rights of Indigenous Peoples (16)
Terrorism, Human Rights and Rule of Law: Comparative Approach (SC) (17)
Unconventional Warfare (SC) (18)


First Amendment Clinic (YR) (16,17)
Immigration Law Clinic (16,17)
Immigration Law Clinic (YR) (18)
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (16,17,18)

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